Dual Pitch Cavex Reducer

Information on dual pitch Cavex reducer

Dual Pitch Cavex Worm: Two lead values exist (Patent: No. 10-1705590)

Direction of correction

Cavex worm refers to the concave worm between worm screws.

Merits of Cavex worm

  1. Cavex tooth type worm does surface contact while involute tooth type worm does line contract with the wheel.
  2. The contact area increases evenly to transmit 3~5 times more load than involute tooth type worm. The strength of teeth increases more than involute tooth type.
  3. The lubricant is not pushed outside by surface contact; the lubricant is kept evenly between worm and worm wheel teeth to form oil film 2~3 times faster than involute tooth type; and the thickness of the oil film is 3~4 times more. In addition, the thicker oil film increases the life of the worm and worm wheel remarkably.
  4. The efficiency is 20~30% higher than the line contact worm of involute tooth type.