We will leap forward to becoming a world-class company based on the best quality and technological power.

Company History

1988. 04
Company establishment (Youngjin Precision Worm)
2009. 01
Development of dual lead box servo precision worm reducer
2010. 06
Patent registration of shim plate type back lash adjustment
2010. 10
Patent registration of work reducer available for fine back lash adjustment
2013. 03
Signing of MOU with Yuhan University
2013. 07
Selected for technology development project as the initial industry-academy cooperation
2014. 04
Establishment of YOUNGJIN WORM corporation
2014. 07
Successful industry-academy cooperation and acquisition of KTL certification standard
2015. 05
Patent registration of dual lead Cavex worm reducer device
2015. 06
Selected for technology development for growth after business foundation
2016. 02
Selected for technology innovation project
2016. 07
Selected for technology development project for industry-academy cooperation
2017. 11
Selected for K-STAR Company Nurturing Project
2018. 03
Signing of MOU with XiongMing in Shanghai

Organization Chart

Representative Director

Oh Taek-Choon

General Production Department

Gear Tooth Cutting


Outsourcing/Material purchase

Sales Department

Technical sales


R&D Department

Design Team

Product development

Management Support Team

Management support